The Juice House is now closed for the season.

The crew is busy incorporating remaining juices into our inventory. We will have the following juices available 12-4PM until Friday, November 10th when the balance will be pulled. Call us at 440-466-3485 if you are coming for juice. There is no staff in the Juice House. If you are looking to purchase juice in this week, park behind the winery and come inside. We’ll find someone to assist you.

  • Cab Franc (fermented only/off-skins) $18.95/gal
  • Catawba $8.45/gal
  • Concord $6.95/gal
  • Niagara $7.95/gal
  • Rosette $6.95/gal
  • Vidal $10.25/gal
  • Vincent $7.95/gal

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