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7840 Doty Road
Madison, Ohio 44057

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Phone: 440-466-3485440-466-3485

Juice House Opening Date Sept 23, 2023
Open 10AM-5PM from Opening Day through the end of Harvest October 31.

Projected dates are estimates only and are subject to change without notice. Dates will be adjusted daily as harvest approaches and progresses. Brix, tartaric acid and pH will be posted as juices become available in the Juice House. Check back regularly for updates and when in doubt, call to confirm availability 440-466-3485. There is no phone in the Juice House. Winery staff will answer any questions. West Coast juices cannot be "reserved." We WILL accept pre-sale West Coast juice pail orders with payment in full. 4% Surcharge applies for orders paid by credit card.